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ChartBeatEOD application features.

Below is a list of top features which are there in our application

Smart Design

Our application is much enhanced, you can run the data downloader in single or multiple thread. It allows you to export the downloaded data in CSV format as well. It is build considering the ease of use to the users. And there is also themes available, which you can select as per your liking.

Auto Activation

It supports automatic activation. If you are a new user or you are renewing your subscription, what you have to do is just go to our website and buy a subscription plan and once, payment is successful, your copy of application will be activated instantly.


Our application also supports various Scanner. There are four different scanners are there. It also has 32 patterns and indicators.

Market information

We also supports 10 different types of market information, like top traded, weekly high/low, circuit hitter, gainer / looser etc.

Alert message

There is also an option for live alert message, if there are any changes in market, we have an option to send message to you as alert, which will be appear in the messages section.

Easy to Access

We have build application in such a way that any new user can get started with it easily, they do not have to refer to any documentation or external help. We have placed all available features in open and easily accessible so that you do not have to spend any of your precious time to find it.

Customer Support

Choose one of these methods to contact us.

Live Chat - Fast & Friendly

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Email - Support

Use this option to email questions and/or comments to a Customer Care Representative. Wait time within 1-2 business days.
Drop a mail at support@stocksence.com

Call Us - Phone Support

Wait time less than 30 Seconds.
Call us at (+91) 6290 305 705, (+91) 6290 305 705

Text Us - SMS or Whatsapp

Wait time less than 1 hour.
You can send text message at (+91) 6290 305 705


Questions and Answers.

You have a question? Someone else might have had the same one. Lets find out.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 .NET Framework: v4.5 RAM 2GB HDD Space: 1 GB

How to auto active by my self?

Automatic activation only works if you are a new user. When you open the application very first time, it’ll open a registration form, once you fill up that form, the application will get automatically activated. Just on a note, registration requires an activate internet connection.

Payment Options

Our website is integrated with Paytm payment gateway, which is secure and trustworthy. You can make payment from your Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI etc.

What is Stock Sence

Stock Sence is an EOD Data And Service Provider.

What is EOD data?

EOD data is a quality historical market data with easy to use at exceptional prices for Share market technical analysis.Daily updates containing end of day quotes. It can be downloaded automatically each day.

What should be done when data is updating in ChartBeatEOD but not reflecting in the charts?

While updating data, we strongly recommend, do not attempt to open the data from any applications to avoid data losses. Let the update finish. Once the update is done, data will be reflected in charts.

What time is the data available?

Our data starts arriving at approximately 5pm market time and we apply updates and corrections. BSE, NSE, NSE Future data can be updated same day after 6.00 PM, but MCX, NCDX and U.S market data can be updated next day after 07:45 AM.
If you download data before time then we would strongly recommend that you download again.

Which version of Metestock, and Amibroker do we need?

Metestock version 7 or above, Amibroker version 4.8 or above.

Can we use both offline and online mode of Metestock?

No, only Metastock offline mode can be used.

Can we get long historical data?

Yes, in licensed version, the historical data can be pulled from inception.

What is the format of IEOD data?

Format for IEOD (Intraday “End Of Day”) is 5 minutes interval formatted data.

Does your data include bonus and split adjustment?

Yes, our data includes bonus and split adjustment.

Is the data compatible with all charting software’s?

Yes, data is compatible with all leading charting and technical analysis software’s which can reads Metestock formatted data.

Does IEOD data is compatible with Advance get?

No, IEOD data is not compatible with Advance Get.

Can IEOD data be subscribed alone?

No, IEOD data cannot be subscribed alone, one has to subscribe EOD.

How do I adjust start and end time in Metastock for IEOD data?

Open Metastock downloader > Click on Tools > Adjust > Start and End time. In the next window > select IEOD data > Do all select > Click on adjust > Adjust the time > Ok and Close.

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